Employer contributions

Details for paying employer super contributions into your Elevate Super account.


For employer contributions

Your employer can make super payments directly into your Elevate Super account.

Simply complete the Employer Choice Form and give it to your employer.


Elevate Super details

Fund name: Elevate Super

ABN: 40 586 548 205

USI: 40 586 548 205 006

Elevate Super Member Number: You'll find this in your Welcome email or in your dashboard when you log in to your Elevate Super account.

Compliance Letter: Your employer may require a copy of this letter stating we're a compliant fund and can accept employer contributions.

Bank Account:

Account name: Aracon Superannuation ATF Elevate

BSB: 033003

Account number: 622228


How to pay your employees' super

Employers can make super payments to Elevate Super members using the above details. All contributions should be made using a clearing house to ensure payments are SuperStream compliant and easier to track. Provide the accompanying electronic message so our system automatically allocates the money to the correct Elevate Super member.

You may already have access to a clearing house via your accounting software. If not, the ATO's Small Business Superannuation Clearing House is free for eligible small businesses with less than 20 employees or an annual aggregated turnover of less than $10 million.