Forms & Documents

Your directory for important forms and documents.


  • Application form: Complete this online form to join Elevate Super (easiest way to join). Alternatively, if online is not your thing or you have an SMSF, you can complete this paper Member Application Form.
  • Rollover Form: Complete this form if you're already an Elevate Super customer and want to rollover some money from another super fund into your Elevate Super account.
  • Nominating Beneficiaries – Binding: Make a binding nomination on who you would like to receive the money in your Elevate Super account in the event of your death. The Trustee will pay according to your nomination as long as your nomination is valid at the time of your death.
  • Nominating Beneficiaries – Non Binding: Nominate who you would like to receive money in your Elevate Super account in the event of your death. If you make a non-binding death benefit nomination, your nomination is only a guide and the Trustee has discretion on who receives your death benefit and in what proportions.
  • Withdrawal Form – Retirement: Request to have some or all of your super money paid out to you.

For Employers

  • Employer Choice Form: Provide this to your employer to have employer contributions paid into your Elevate Super account.
  • Compliance Letter: Your employer may require you to provide this letter stating we're a compliant fund and can accept employer contributions.


  • Life insurance application: complete this form if you would like to apply for death, total and permanent disablement, or income protection insurance through your Elevate Super account.

For any other life insurance-related queries or forms, please contact Elevate Super at or call 1800 875 148.

PDS & Guides

  • Product Disclosure Statement: Important information you should read to make an informed decision about joining Elevate Super.
  • Additional Information Guide: Additional important information about Elevate Super. You should read this Additional Information Guide which forms part of the Product Disclosure Statement for Elevate Super.
  • Target Market Determination: Information about the target market for Elevate Super that should be read with the Product Disclosure Statement and other Guides when making a decision to join Elevate Super.
  • Financial Services Guide: Contains information on who AtlasTrend are and the financial services AtlasTrend provides as promoter of Elevate Super.
  • Insurance Guide: Important information about the insurance offerings available to Elevate Super customers.
  • Product Update: Important information regarding changes to insurance (new laws) which took effect from April 1, 2020.

Significant Event Notice

  • Change to Insurer: Significant Event Notice to Elevate Super members regarding changes to the insurer.